Introducing Me Through Collage

….my introductory assignment for my year long Collage class

Before we start our course we are suppose to create a collage with our name. Here is my assignment completed. I’ve also incorporated some mixed media as well to make it more interesting. I took some tips from my other class, Abstract Mixed Media, by Karin Husty.fullsizeoutput-760e

8 thoughts on “Introducing Me Through Collage

    • I think the tape measure was random but I did recently take my body measurements and I’ve used the tape measure a lot in the past for my sewing projects. I also used to be pretty good in math and I’ve learned over the years the importance of measuring for a variety of things, like measure twice and cut once when building and sewing and measuring my artwork when I’m framing it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve made my paper too small for the mats that I had or I cut the mat too large. So I guess it wasn’t that random after all.


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