365 Days of Art – Day 57

Complicated Colour Fields – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a project that I started with Carla Sonheim called Complicated Colour Fields – Part 1. You can see what I made here.

The following week I had to cover the entire piece with different bands of acrylic colour and then sand away some of the paint, once it dried, to bring back some of the designs from below. I did that but very little of the original patterns showed through. I decided to share it with you because this is called 365 Days of Art, not 365 Days of Great Art. Some days you won’t get what you hoped for and sometimes it’s more than you hoped for.

For me these two pieces were a bit of a disappointment but I can see using them either has a backdrop for another art project or cut up or torn up for a collage piece. Do you have any suggestions for me?


6 thoughts on “365 Days of Art – Day 57

  1. Well, you might use a specific paste which is called modeling paste and then some mediums for more effect. I think one also needs to decide what parts to leave strong and which to take off. I find abstract art being no challenge, so I’m mostly challenging myself with new subjects. However, you might find it easier if sketch out on a small piece the concept. That is abstract art, many people would be very happy with that.

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