Happy Birthday, Dad – 91 Years Young

….birthdays are a big deal for my Dad

It’s Saturday morning, October 7th, and we’re sitting around waiting for friends and family to call Dad and send him birthday wishes. These phone calls mean the world to him as do birthday cards. He was so disappointed yesterday that no cards came in the mail. My sister in Calgary never forgets but this year she was away, moving her son to B.C. and it completely slipped her mind. I’m sure more cards will arrive after the long weekend.

This afternoon we’re going to take his iPad over to Apple and see if we can get it fixed, otherwise, he’ll be buying himself a new one for his birthday. For dinner he requested that we go to Mamma Martino’s for his birthday dinner so he can order spaghetti and meatballs. Kevin and I always call that restaurant one of our ‘cheap and cheerful’ places to go.

Well I think we’ve waited long enough for phone calls. I’m sure more will come in this afternoon. So far he’s received seven calls. Three from old friends and four from family.

His one request for his birthday was for a German plum cake with streusel. I’ve got the plums. I just need to find the time to make it now. Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad – 91 Years Young

    • Well I thought he had a great day but days later he complained that he only got 3 cards compared to 30 that he got when he turned 90. The fact that everyone in the family and all of his surviving friends, even those overseas, phoned him to congratulate him on his birthday, didn’t seem to count. He didn’t want a party so we celebrated everyone’s birthday on the same day with one giant cake that had everyone’s name on it. He complained that he didn’t get enough attention on that day. I had to remind him of all the things that we had done together on his birthday and how his niece brought him a present and a card on that day. Apparently there was too much attention given to the other birthdays. You just can’t win sometimes for trying!

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  1. Guess he just likes to have a moan occasionally but underneath he was probably really pleased. Funny how it’s often small things that rankle. I remember when my mother was helping organise my grandmother’s golden wedding party in a nearby hotel and she asked if everything was as she wanted. My grandmother hesitantly said yes…but… Turns out she had always harboured a desire for a three tier cake which she hadn’t had at her wedding. So my mother phoned the hotel and ordered a three tier cake for her. Smiles all round.


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