Rome’s Top Ten-Part 1

…..seeing Rome’s Top Ten in three days is not impossible

When we planned to stay in Rome for the final three days of our trip to Italy I never imagined that we would be able to see so many of the famous sites of this ancient city. To be honest some of the sites were under construction so we only did a quick pass and for others we only saw the exterior.

My top ten sites included:

The Colosseum

It was a very hot day when we finally walked to the Colosseum. We were accosted by dozens of vendors selling selfie sticks and tours. My husband and daughter took refuge in a caffe next to the Colosseum and enjoyed a cool drink while the rest of us including the baby took a closer look at the exterior of this ancient structure. Unfortunately we didn’t see the interior, partially because the heat was too much for the baby.

The Pantheon

We arrived early and there was a mass going on so we had to wait to get in to see the Pantheon. We wandered off to get a coffee in a nearby bistro but when we returned there was a line-up to get in. My husband hates line-ups so he passed on seeing the inside of the Pantheon. Luckily the line went pretty quickly and there was some very high quality entertainment on the street in the way of musicians.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain was a bit of a surprise for me. It’s a very large fountain but it’s crammed into a very small space and the crowds were huge. It’s almost impossible to get a camera shot that takes in the entire fountain. You just can’t stand far enough away. I would love to see the fountain at night when it’s all lit up.

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps was the one attraction that we didn’t spend much time at because it was under construction. I understand that it is now restored and open again for the public to walk on.


In my next post I will share more photos of the following attractions in Rome:

Vatican City

Piazza Navona

Castel Sant’Angelo


Roman Forum

The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II


Till next time.




12 thoughts on “Rome’s Top Ten-Part 1

  1. Sightseeing can be enormously exciting – but always better without crowds, the reason we often bypass the well-known in favour of the little details which shout of the culture of the place. I dislike crowds and standing in queues so would rather wander in side streets with patterned cobbles, quirky guttering to take water from tiled roofs, unusual streetlights, grilled windows, doors that speak of history and other more dangerous times, and creepers and flowers that add vibrant colour. Travel is a far better way of learning than through books alone.

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    • I totally agree. Luckily most of the lines we stood in were short but in July you can’t avoid the crowds. My son did take me down some less busy streets and we did have drinks in a small quiet piazza in the Trastevere neighbourhood. I hope to go back to Italy some day but will probably go in October.


      • We find late September/October (even December for Madeira) much better for holidays. Weather is still warm (as is sea if you want to swim outwith hotel pools), but places are much quieter (so fewer crowds and queues) and people have time to chat. The added bonus is that high season rates have fallen so you can pick up some good bargains for accommodation. Sightseeing is pleasanter, with all trips and tours still on offer.

        We went to Lucca in September and it was still hot, but not so hot that we wilted at the thought of sightseeing. So recommend you go for it.

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