Thursday’s Special – Here and There

….today’s theme is being in two places at the same time, Here and There

Today our son and his fiancé were married at the registrar’s office in London, England. Thanks to What’s App we kept in touch all day with messages and photographs.

While everyone in London was toasting the young couple with champagne and spirits, here at home we raised our cups of tea and coffee to celebrate this special day. It was still morning here and most of us were at work.

Four weeks from now we will be travelling to Italy to participate in part two of this wedding when all the families gather in Assisi to celebrate this union. Can’t wait.




24 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special – Here and There

      • Wow! Excellent trip ahead, I see. How are you going to travel between places? If with own car, then you’re truly free to roam. As it is, I have not been to Assisi yet at all, and to Florence just briefly. In Italy is wonderful that no matter where you are, it’s magic. And you get to discover things by yourself. The entire road between Assisi to Florence, including Perugia would be new to me, so you’ll tell me. 🙂 If you make a bit of a detour, Orvieto is pure magic. As is Villa d’Este in Tivoli near Roma. I’m convinced you will have excellent time and I can’t wait to see your photos.


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    • Thanks Joanne. I didn’t think I was going to be so sentimental about not being there. At first the photos came in fast and furious and then when the party started we didn’t hear from them for hours. Soon after they got home they sent photos of the reception. Not quite the same as being there but the next best thing.

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