….this week’s WPC theme is optimistic

How do you portray optimism in a photograph? That was the question that I immediately asked myself when I saw this week’s challenge.

As some of you may know I received a new camera for Christmas. I have to admit that I was very optimistic about all the wonderful things that I would be able to do with this camera but it hasn’t been easy to manoeuvre this new device. I’ve actually been overwhelmed with all the new functions.

Tonight when I took one of the dogs for a short walk I noticed how beautiful the first full moon of the year was. It was early in the evening and it wasn’t even completely dark but the moon hung low in the sky and it cast a beautiful reflection on the lake. The lights of the city were exceptionally bright and I was optimistic that the moon, its reflection and the city skyline would make a wonderful photo.

I hurried back home for my camera and set the function for hand held night shots. It was bitterly cold but I played around by the lake’s edge, gloves off, to get the perfect shot. The final product is better than any shot I’ve ever gotten before but I’m optimistic that when I purchase a zoom lens for this camera my night photos of the moon over the city will be even better.


32 thoughts on “Optimistic

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  2. I absolutely love your photos. The moon over water is one of my favorite scenes, and it can look so different. I have a complicated camera, too, and I was avoiding it, but now I think I will get it out again. I often have a view of the moon over the water from my house, but have not even tried to take a photo. Now, you have inspired me!!

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    • I’m happy that I’ve inspired you to take out your camera and give it another go. It was really helpful having my son-in-law over yesterday and he gave me some helpful hints. Maybe there’s someone in your life that could give you some pointers.

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      • It is weird how our minds just reel away when things get too complex. It is like blocking out a math problem. I was thinking of taking a class, but just talking with someone who knows this camera would be best.


    • Thanks Julie, it always amazes me that we see the same moon all over the world. I guess in some areas, depending on the cloud cover and distance from the moon it would appear slightly different.


  3. The photos are awesome. I love the full moon. When I left work at the hospital Saturday and Sunday evenings I fully intended to try and get a few shots. When I got home my husband was watching the football game and started telling me about it thus, I completely forgot. I suppose I should carry my camera with me but I have no place to leave it when working (I’m nervous about leaving it locked in my car.) What is your new camera? I have a Nikon D40 and love it. I purchased a lens that goes to 200 a couple of years ago but now I’m thinking of something more powerful. God bless and keep shooting and writing.

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    • Thanks Gwyn. I was only a few feet from my house when I first noticed the moon so getting my camera was no big deal. I usually carry my iPhone with me but the new camera, although small, is bigger and heavier and not as portable but will be great when I go on vacation. I’m hoping to get some telephoto lenses for it so I can really zoom in on some subjects. It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7.


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