I’m a Fan of…..Denyse Thomasos

….thanks to Jez for hosting I’m a fan of….. https://jezbraithwaite.blog/2023/01/23/mallards-fan-of-192/

Denyse Thomasos was a Trinidadian-Canadian painter known for her abstract-style wall murals that conveyed themes of slavery, confinement and the story of African and Asian Diaspora. Sadly she died tragically in 2012. The first time I saw her work was at the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art, an art museum in Kleinburg, Ontario. I instantly liked her work and looked forward to seeing her show at the AGO.

The show is title: Denyse Thomasos, just beyond. It brings together more than 70 paintings and works on paper that she produced spanning the last 15 years of her short life. The first thing I noticed at this showing was the size of her canvases. They were large and some of them went from the floor to the ceiling.

This is a life size photo of Denyse working on one of her huge pieces that greets you as you enter the show

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