Monday Murals – 30th Street Underpass Mural – Part 2

….the artist is Nick Sweetman who worked with First Nations historian Phil Cote

 The main idea of this project is to find an effective way to interpret Cote’s cultural experience and knowledge of signs of Indigenous symbols, language and interpretation to those who see it. This will help users digitally experience the stories of the artwork.

Thanks to Marsha for hosting Photographing Public Art and Sami for hosting Monday Murals

This mural is so large that I’ve divided it into 4 parts. Here is part 2:


14 thoughts on “Monday Murals – 30th Street Underpass Mural – Part 2

  1. Wow, I’m glad you included the long lengthwise picture of the full mural. It is huge. Each part of it is so beautiful in its own way. The faces are so arresting, especially the last one. I also love the colors, particularly the first floral one. It looks like someone tried to put a price tag on the turtle’s face. I hate when people deface art. Rant, Rant

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