Making Hand Made Brushes

….from materials from the garden and the water’s edge

After completing my three art pieces for this weekend’s Small Gems Show I started to delve into some video art classes that I recently purchased. The first class is called Loosen Up and Tara Lever has produced some very inspiring lessons. One of the first ones is making your own brushes from natural materials.

I thoroughly enjoyed going on a foraging trip through my garden and the park at the end of my street. I came back with a bag full of interesting plant material.


After sorting through the stems of dried materials I started to bunch them together and wrapped them with yarn, thread and wool. I loved doing this and when I finished I placed them in a vase that I made a couple of years ago.


Now I’m ready to get out my ink and paints and experiment with mark making using my new brushes. Some of them may not hold up well but that’s okay. I’ll post some of my experiments later this week.


9 thoughts on “Making Hand Made Brushes

  1. This is a fun read…different. It will be fun to see your work. Years ago when I was teaching kindergartners I told them to bring something from the outdoors they could paint with. It was so interesting to see what they came up with and the art… unique. Great post and thank you for a little flash back too. I wish I would have had them brushes. Donna

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