….a little joy came into my life yesterday

Out of the blue I received an email from a complete stranger who had seen some of my art on the WAAC website. She fell in love with my piece, Memories of Nowruz, and wondered if I had sold it. When I told her it was still available she was delighted. When we exchanged information I found out that she lives about 15 minutes away from me. We arranged for her to come to the house and from a socially acceptable distance she could get a first hand look at the piece. Luckily for me the image on the website was true to the piece and she bought it on the spot.

We talked for a few minutes while the e-transfer was taking place. Like us she has lived in her home since the 70s and has no plans on moving any time soon. I really enjoyed speaking with her and later when I wrote to thank her she said she’d love to be on my mailing list for future shows. All in all it was a good day. Here is the painting that she bought.


– Memories of Nowruz – 16 x 16 on stretched gallery canvas – acrylic paint and mixed media

13 thoughts on “Sold!!!!!

    • I had it listed at $160.00. My husband and I decided on that price back in November when I had three all the same size ready to put into a show. We thought it would be better to start on the low side. The show was postponed indefinitely but it was posted on a website with that price. In hind sight I probably should have charged more. I read somewhere that when you’re first starting to sell your paintings you should sell 20% less than other works that are similar. We didn’t really have anything to compare to. Now that I’ve sold one I’m ready to charge more. Pricing is very tricky. There are two more on the website for the same price so I can’t really change that now.


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