Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Focus on the Subject

thanks to Patti for hosting this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge https://mamacormier.com/2020/11/05/buckets-of-colour/

D709-EF59-0748-4725-95-A4-B2257-FB9176-A 489-EB464-39-A8-49-E1-921-C-377-E4506-ADA7 820040-D5-412-B-42-F8-8-D4-B-D5-E5-CDA8-F697 283-C796-B-327-A-43-D0-9141-51426-A972824 73-B19-AD3-3-B41-4-A8-B-85-B9-9594-DA2-AA788 0-A3-B1-D8-F-4943-4-D17-8-C5-D-18-D63259-CCEF

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