Sunshine’s Macro Monday – August 10, 2020

…thanks to Irene for hosting Macro Monday

I’m posting the photos taken from a distance first and then I will show you the macro shots. I was at the cottage for five days and had fun looking for macro subjects.84939-F0-C-D412-49-AD-B15-D-7-AD6-C76-E867-D 76874416-A0-C4-48-D1-90-B9-56-D88-CE916-BC C6-E86083-12-E2-483-D-A9-D7-2-D15-EFC1-EA12 7-CACF569-080-B-4-AEA-8-B11-10058-A34-D5-A8 9-BDD287-F-7-FFF-46-F0-B0-A2-A07309506298


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