Sunday Trees – 422

…thanks to Becca Givens for hosting Sunday Trees

There’s a hot debate going on again about Christmas Trees. Fake or real? Clearly this one is fake and will end up in our landfill sites where it will take eons to decompose. Closer to home the business association has opted for real trees. As soon as the trees are cut new saplings are planted, farmers are making an income from these trees and when we’re done with them they are completely compostable. They also smell great.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Trees – 422

  1. We used to use real trees. Now we have a fake tree that looks like a real pine. We’ve used it for 25 years. I’ve had to restring the lights several times and reattach branches that fall off – this tree is in one piece so that is a challenge. At the time we got that tree, I wasn’t thinking about recycling, which we do faithfully these days. I will use my tree for another 25 years. We are putting it up today.

    You make some very good points about reasons to have a live tree. If you have a live tree in your house, it is a commitment. It takes thought, so that it does not catch fire.

    A few of my live trees: Our first Christmas, my husband and I had a Charlie Brown tree, that sat in a bucket of dirt, stood two feet high and had very few branches. At the time, we had very few decorations, so it was fitting. Then there was the year we cut a tree down from a friend’s property and it was too big to bring through the front door. Growing up, we often flocked our tree white. And we made all of our Christmas decorations from paper mache one year, painted and lacquered them, which got my brothers, sister and I, on the front page of our local newspaper. Slow week in the news.

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    • What wonderful memories. Unfortunately the tree in my photo will probably not be used for 25 years. When the neighbourhood tires of these trees they will purchase something new and the old ones will end up in landfill Hopefully they will go with real trees in the future like they do closer to home.

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