How We Spent Our 44th Wedding Anniversary

When one talks about celebrating a wedding anniversary we usually imagine flowers, a special dinner out on the town or maybe a gourmet home cooked meal and a nice bottle of wine. These are just a few ways that we’ve celebrated our anniversary in the past.

This year we celebrated 44 years at the hospital. We certainly didn’t plan this and I wouldn’t necessarily even have mentioned it except that my husband who is being treated for pneumonia asked a good friend to take our picture to commemorate this special day.

All visitors have to put on a mask and wear a gown before stepping into my husband’s room. It’s a good look, don’t you think?

For friends and family who know Kevin please be assured that he’s on the mend but he’ll need to be in the hospital for a few more days until his oxygen levels are stable. For now he’s resting and is in good spirits.

29 thoughts on “How We Spent Our 44th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Carol, there is a lot of better ways to spend an anniversary … but there will plenty of time for that.
    Congratulations … to your years together … and only the best for those that will follow.

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    • I could never understand couples who would say that they had nothing to talk about when they were alone together. Spending so much time with my husband these last few days I can gauge how he’s doing by how much we talk. The first day in the hospital he slept most of the day and by day 2 he slept less and we talked more. On our actual anniversary day I told the nurse that it was our anniversary and he started to cry. Such an emotional guy. I love him.

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    • Thanks Cee. He was in the hospital for a week. He had pneumonia and the flu but luckily he pulled through and was released from the hospital today. He’ll be resting for a few more days before he can return to normal activities but his cough has almost completely disappeared.


  2. All the best to Kevin. I wish him a speedy recovery. I did not know that pneumonia was a disease one could contract. Was this a rare strain of the ailment? Still happy anniversary to you both.

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