365 Days of Art – The Beginning

….days 153 and 154

I’ve enrolled in Lynn Whipple’s repeat class called Big Bold Blooms. It’s a very loose way of painting flowers on large canvases. I purchased three 24 x 30 inch canvases and the first thing we had to do was prime them with a light grey on one, an orange on another and finally a white gesso on the third.

Once the paint dried we had to look at a floral arrangement and with chalk pastels and vine charcoal we loosely drew parts of the arrangement and then flipped the canvas and did it again. The canvas was flipped three times and the last time lines were drawn in different directions across the canvas to almost give it a grid appearance. Each time one colour of chalk was used it was wiped with our hands to smudge it before the next colour  was added or the piece was flipped.

My canvases are now ready for step two of the the process.


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