365 Days of Art – Blue-Green Collage

…..another collage for the ‘colour plunge’ assignment

I’m really enjoy making these small collages. Randal Plowman has written The Collage Workbook and has set out 50 exercises to build up our collaging skills. Evelyn Flint and her sister are encouraging artists to join them on their year long art journey by making a different collage each week using Plowman’s prompts.

This is the third collage I’ve made for this one prompt ‘colour plunge’. The idea is to create a monochromatic collage using mostly one colour. Todays collage uses mostly blue greens. I used some of my text papers and finished it off with paint on bubble wrap that I printed on top.


11 thoughts on “365 Days of Art – Blue-Green Collage

    • I’m going to have to make more art papers for all the upcoming collage assignments. I used to have doodles of papers but I realized that I left most of them at school for the next art teacher. The irony is that she’s probably not using them and has probably thrown them away.

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      • Hi Carol, do you have a Gelli Plate? You can make lots of collage papers fairly quickly. 😊 You could ask her if she doesn’t want your papers you left for her? Just a thought. 💕


      • I do have a Gelli plate and I’ve made tons of papers but I haven’t come across them in my reorganization. There has to be another box that I haven’t opened. Thanks for reminding me.

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