The Last Days of Summer

….normally we start to experience cooler temperatures before the onset of autumn

The first day of fall is only one day away, September 22. You would hardly know that by the clothes people wear to work and out on the street. Sandals, shorts and sleeveless tops and dresses are still the norm. Even the evenings are still pleasantly warm.

Today I witnessed sailboats out on the lake in the late afternoon hours and the swans, geese and ducks are in no hurry to fly south. There are signs, though,  that autumn is close at hand. The leaves are starting to change colour,  many flowers are starting to whither, plants are going to seed and bushes are ripe with red and purple berries.


4 thoughts on “The Last Days of Summer

  1. Weather much cooler here, and breezy. Trees have lost their vibrant greens and are shading to khaki colours, and berries drape the rowan trees. Still some colour in the garden – golden rod and fiery red berberis leaves along with purple clematis flowers climbing fence and into the lower branches of the large beech tree at the bottom of the garden. And the shortening days tell their own tale making my thoughts turn to packing away summer clothes and looking out warmer skirts and jumpers. Summer is far too short.

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