Packing for Italy

….busy cleaning up the library and last minute details for the big trip to Italy

I’ve been rather amiss with posting on a daily basis this last week. School is finally finished but I have to admit it’s been a rather stressful couple of weeks.

How stressful, you ask? Well enough to keep me from even getting this post finished. I started this post eight days ago and I’m already in Italy. We’ve been having some issues with Wifi here and I haven’t been able to get onto WordPress or Facebook until today. Presently we’re in Florence and we have a fantastic apartment but this morning we had a power failure. After a day of touring we discovered that we still didn’t have power. Luckily our landlord lives right next door and the problem was fixed with a flick of a switch from his place.

Now I have to figure out how to get my photos onto this device.image

This is a shot of our granddaughter on the flight to Italy which I took with this iPad. So far she’s been a great flier.

Hopefully I can figure out how to get some more photos on here to share with you. Otherwise you will have to wait till I return in ten days.


6 thoughts on “Packing for Italy

  1. Have a great time. The outside of the Duomo is fantastic. We didn’t see the inside – services and loads of visitors. Same with the Uffizi. Even the queues for those who had pre-ordered tickets were miles long. Still lots of other things to photograph.

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    • We actually went to the Uffizi today. We reserved our tickets the night before at twice the price. Fifteen minutes before our reserved time we got into a short line-up to pick up our tickets and then joined a slightly longer line to get inside the gallery. I don’t if it was because of the baby but we were pulled from the line and whisked inside. We also decided to pass on the Duomo but I did get some great shots from the outside. Tomorrow my husband and I are boarding a train and heading out to see Lucca and Pisa.


      • We stayed in Lucca. Great to walk around part of the walls – unbelievably wide. Also lovely botanic garden. There was an antique market when we wee there. Bought a couple of necklaces and a silk scarf – light to bring back. We only passed through Pisa, but it looked a bit of a dump. Maybe we just saw the wrong part, thigh it was near the leaning tower. Anyway enjoy, and keep the camera clicking for joyous memories.


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