Angel Cards

….years ago my good friend AB introduced me to Angel cards

I love my friend AB. She was the first friend I made through teaching. She’s several years older than me and she quickly became a mentor for me when I started in the teaching profession. She was the art teacher and I was the family studies teacher and our classrooms were next to each other. That was over almost 40 years ago.

AB is like a sister to me and an aunt to my children. In fact she is my oldest daughter’s godmother but she has always called all my children her godchildren. She has an unusual but great sense of style and she has always been open to new age practices. She’s fascinated with astrology and numerology, tarot cards, meditation and natural cures for illness. Over the years we have received astrological readings, spirit cards, homemade bath products and interesting books.

A few years ago AB gave A and J a set of Angel cards. Last night I paid them an unexpected visit. I had spent the entire day at the hospital with our son and I needed a change of scene and a cup of coffee. They weren’t expecting me but they greeted my warmly and invited me in. On the table were the Angel cards that had been gifted by AB and they had just finished picking their cards for the year.

The idea with Angle cards is that you meditate on what you hope to accomplish or change and then look at the overturned cards. You’re suppose to be drawn to certain cards because of the energy they exude or how they present themselves to you. Based on that you choose up to five cards. Each card has a word on the reverse side and you interpret the meaning as to how it applies to you. Here are my five words:






Over at Chris’ Journaling Journey, Chris has written a post about choosing one word to live by for the year. I like this idea so I’m thinking about choosing one of the words above and focusing on working on that aspect of my life to nourish and expand.

It is also interesting to me that I was thinking about my painting goals, personal health strategies and relationships with my family and friends before I chose the cards. I’m leaning toward the word ‘clarity’. I’m hoping this year I’ll come closer to being ready to retire and moving on to a new path in my life. When that becomes ‘clear’ to me I’ll be ready to make this life changing decision.


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4 thoughts on “Angel Cards

  1. I think choosing words to focus on for the year is a great idea! I have a thing for oracle cards like this. I really think they can really help us gain clarity on issues in our lives, just by jumpstarting our minds and helping us become more aware and focused. I have a deck I play with and I keep getting “you were born to create” and I find, when I take the time for creativity, I’m much happier. Your key words sound perfect for your year and I wish you much clarity in the year ahead!

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    • It is fun to do and if you act on them it could bring about some positive change in your life. Of course it’s all up to you if they work or not. There’s nothing magical about them but you’re right about them being thought provoking.


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