Travel Theme: Fabric

…..Aisla from Where’s My Backpack has challenged us to post photos of fabric

I’ve always loved fabrics. My parents opened their own fabric/wool store when I was 16 years old. They decided on this business partly due to the fact that as a family we sewed a lot of our own clothes and I already knew that I wanted to be a home economics/family studies teacher.

Recently my husband and I went to an exhibit at the ROM where they featured the traditional fabrics and clothes of Mexico.

9 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Fabric

    • Thanks Andy. I just took a visit to your blog. Normally your part of the world in Scotland is very similar to mine in Southern Ontario but this year we’ve had very mild temperatures for December and I don’t think we’ve seen any ice unless it’s artificial or man-made on the skating rinks.

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      • I totally agree. Why are trees budding in December (see header photo)? I think we finally have a prime minister that believes in climate change and is willing to do something about it… least more than the last prime minister did.


  1. My father was a cloth buyer, his mother did hand sewing for the family tailoring business. I used to find myself buying pieces of material just for the pleasure of the colours and feel – I could never bring myself to cut into them. Still have a trunk or two with my treasures in the loft, so love seeing these wonderful pieces from Mexico.


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