Over 14 000 Steps Yesterday and Already Over My Goal Today

….the last two days have been good walking days

Yesterday I posted that walking 10 000 steps takes effort. By the end of the day I clocked in at 14 826. Most of those steps came from our morning walk where we covered about 5 miles or 8km.

This morning we did the walk again but went a little farther. By the time we got home I had walked 11 000 steps. Later this afternoon we’re visiting friends to see their new home and I’m hoping we’ll go for a walk to check out their new neighbourhood.

My fear is that tomorrow may not be a good walking day. It’s the day my husband goes to the hospital for his surgery but we’re hoping to get out early in the morning and get in some walking for the dog’s sake.

Here are a few more photos of things we saw on our walk today.

IMG_5788 IMG_5791 IMG_5795

7 thoughts on “Over 14 000 Steps Yesterday and Already Over My Goal Today

    • Yes, this person has been camping here for weeks under his make shift tent. I’m sure he’s breaking some laws but he doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone and no one has called it in. It seems every year someone camps out here. Maybe it’s the same person. I just don’t know.

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    • Unfortunately it was raining this morning so we didn’t get out for our walk. Thank you for your best wishes. My husband’s surgery was a complete success. The doctor is cautiously optimistic that the tumours aren’t cancer. My daughter and I did come back to the house later in the afternoon to take the dog for a walk so I did manage to get just over 8000 steps in today. I might be able to add a few more hundred feet before I go to bed.


      • I’m glad to hear the surgery went well and that you did get a walk in after all. Having a dog makes it hard to make excuses not to walk! I hope your husband recovers quickly.

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