Time for a Good Cleaning

….when things start to go missing you know it’s time to clean

The first official day of my summer holiday and it’s pouring rain. Luckily I got out for a bit of a walk this morning before the skies opened up. The boys came over early enough to cut the grass as well and I got a little bit of weeding done.

My daughter A and her partner J ran a 5km race today and I missed it. They also lucked out and finished before the rain started. My daughter finished her race in 27 minutes and J (her first  race ever) completed it in 33 minutes. Very impressive!

Unfortunately we didn’t get out in time to take in the Farmers’ Market. By the time we got there it was teaming with rain and most of the vendors had already packed up and left. We headed back for home but stopped at the top of the street and had a coffee at the Portuguese Bakery. Our son texted us from Paris with a photo of him and his fiancé at an outdoor cafe so my husband took a photo of me with my latte and sent it back to him.

My husband's caption: Enjoying a latte from our own Paris cafe in beautiful New Toronto.

My husband’s caption: Enjoying a latte from our own Paris cafe in beautiful New Toronto.

Notice anything different about me in this photo? Well I’m not wearing my glasses and not because I’m vain (I am a little bit). Remember when I said that ‘when things go missing it’s time to clean’? Well it’s my glasses that I’ve lost. I know that I wore them home on Thursday because I drove home and I would never drive without them. I do have prescription sunglasses and I wore those yesterday and today when driving but I’m really stumped as to where I’ve placed my regular glasses.

Since we’ve been back I have been cleaning the kitchen, going through my school bags, turning things upside down and looking in the most unusual places and I still haven’t found them. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go on my hands and knees and start looking under things, like my bed, night table, living room couch, and bathroom vanity. The only reason I haven’t I haven’t done it yet is because I fell a few weeks ago and I injured my right knee. The only time I feel  any pain is when I kneel on it. A few times I’ve forgotten about it, especially when I go to bed. I can’t crawl into bed because I get a searing pain in the knee so I have to sit on the bed and swing my legs over the edge.

Well there are still a lot of places to clean in my house so I guess I’d better get back to work. The rain still hasn’t let up.IMG_5376 If you have any suggestions as to where my glasses might be drop m a line.


9 thoughts on “Time for a Good Cleaning

  1. I have about 17 dozen pairs of over-the-counter glasses – and I lose them all the time and then find them and then lose them. It’s a good thing I don’t have to wear expensive prescription glasses because I can’t afford 17 dozen.

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    • I did check but after you made the suggestion I checked again and I checked my other bags. No luck. I’m running out of places to look. As for the picture I think I was smirking at my husband while he took this and thinking ‘Really, while I’m eating?’


  2. My husband is always losing his, because he takes them off and lays them down wherever he is, without giving a second thought to whether he’ll find them again. On top of the car is a favourite place. Quite why, I don’t know. Odd places in the kitchen or bathroom are also used as repositories, and once I came across them as I emptied the washing machine. Hope you find yours soon.


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