A New Milestone – 1000 Posts

…..I can’t believe it

Thirty three months ago when I started this blog I couldn’t have imagined writing 1000 posts. When I first hit the keys I wanted to record and track my weight loss journey, write about my past, share recipes and have a platform to air my feelings about retirement. Well here I am almost three years later and I’m still going strong.

My focus has changed somewhat. I managed to lose 32 pounds and today I’ve kept a good chunk of it off but it’s a struggle every day.IMG_0252 I don’t share many recipes. Others do it much better. I’m still working and I don’t bring up retirement very often. My colleagues won’t hear of it but I have to admit that I am getting closer to that day. I don’t talk as much about my past and most of my personal posts reflect what’s happening in the present.

What is surprising is how my blog has morphed into an art and photography journal. I started teaching art to more classes shortly after starting the blog and I started to share my student’s work.

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I also started to do more of my own art and I took a number of on-line art classes.

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I’ve always liked taking photos but recently I discovered that I was pretty good at it. I enjoyed experimenting with my little digital camera and later my iPhone and I started to participate in a lot of photography challenges here on WordPress.

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I also started to dabble in writing poetry. For someone who hated poetry in school I’m somewhat surprised that I enjoy writing free verse and Haiku as much as I do. I guess I like writing in general.

When I look back on my first dozen posts, I wonder what kept me going. There wasn’t a lot of feedback. Many of my first posts had no likes what so ever. Reading over them I couldn’t fault the writing but there were only a few photos in the beginning and I didn’t always ‘tag’ those pieces. Some of them I wrote for my children so they would have a record of their mother’s past (here, here, here, and here).

The one thing that I was pleased about was that many of my early followers are still with me. Hats off to Michael Lai, oneanna65, Domestic Diva, MDUthamz, The Ranting Chef, Lesley CarterEllis NelsonConor Cullen, Dorothy, Anne, Paul. Beth, Baz, Dina, Island Traveller, BertLee, Jeanne, Maia, Frizz, TK Morin, Masqua,Leanne, Art Expectations, Rosemarie, Viveka, Donna, Michael, T.J., Melissa, Ann, Neal, Woolly, Mrs. Euken, Dan, Mark, Brenda, and in the last year many more followers have come my way. Here are some of the regulars: Cee, Megan, Lisa, Ab, Jennifer, Joe, Rachel, Chris, Geraint, Miranda, Trisha, Janaline, Hello, Fig,  Elizabeth, Marsha, Ayse, Folly Girl, Judith, Sarah, Ronovan, Seb, Audrey, B, Kimmi, Conrad, CJ, Boeta, Peggy, Debbie, Colline,……

A special thanks goes to the people who like to comment on my blog, a lot,……Dorothy, Viveka, Rosemarie, Leanne, Colline, Judith, Cee, Elizabeth and Mark and my sister Chris. I know that my FaceBook friends also read my blog and when they comment it’s usually on FaceBook. I’m sure I’ve missed a few people and for that I apologize. I am about 40 people shy of reaching 1000 followers and I hope by my 3rd anniversary in April I can reach that goal as well.


16 thoughts on “A New Milestone – 1000 Posts

  1. Wow! 1000 posts! Congrats! I love the way you’ve organized this post, the slide show and to let us know a little bit more of you. Thanks for adding my name, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts! Have a great day!


  2. What an achievement. Well done. Not sure how you find time to do it. I often struggle to find time – or if I’ve time then I’m scrabbling for something to write about. Although I am revising another novel and talking to a friend about publishing his account of climbing the seven highest peaks in the seven continents. He’s on his way back from Antarctica at present having completed his final one. Your photography has certainly take over – I like lots of visual stuff on a blog. It enthuses and lifts spirits. Here’s to your next 100 posts.


    • Thank you Dorothy. Sometimes I think I spend too much time on the computer but what I do less of now is watch TV. So I guess I’ve given up one vice for another. It sounds to me like you’re pretty busy and you still manage to write posts and read and comment on other people’s posts. I certainly appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog.


    • I started following you because of a comment you made on my blog (I think you thought I was someone else). As a result of your comment I checked out your blog and liked your sense of humour. Most of my friends haven’t subscribed either. I think if you’re not on WordPress it’s more complicated to ‘follow’ someone. My friends read my posts on FaceBook and comment on FaceBook.


    • Thank you so much. As I said it’s an on-going battle with my weight but I’m focused more on my health than the actual number on the scale. Eating healthy and moving more are my goals for this year.


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