Afternoon Tea at The Windsor Arms

…. a birthday gift from my friend D

For years I’ve wanted to experience a real ‘afternoon tea’ and one of the best places in Toronto to do that is at The Windsor Arms Hotel located downtown at 18 St. Thomas St..

Tea at The Windsor Arms Hotel

For my 60th birthday D told me that we were going to have afternoon tea together. We set a date, Saturday, Oct. 27th at 3:30. It turned out to be a great day to do an indoor activity. It’s been raining non-stop all day. When we left the hotel there was so much water on the ground that the bottom of my trousers became drenched. I didn’t notice it at first but while I sit here typing I’m very aware of my wet cold ankles. Excuse me while I change.


Rain, rain and more rain…..

That’s better! Where was I ? Oh, yes …. afternoon tea.

I knew that the menu would include tiny sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, preserves, berries and cream and pastries. I ate a sensible breakfast consisting of freshly pressed juice from carrots, celery, spinach and an apple and a bowl of steel cut oatmeat with stewed plums. For lunch I had a bowl of vegetable soup. I didn’t want to worry about what would be put in front of me at the hotel so I made sure I wasn’t starving when I left the house.

Salmon and caviar roll-ups

Salmon and caviar roll-ups.

Sweet treats

Small and elegantly presented 1″ x 1″ morsels of delight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of afternoon tea. We had dozens of freshly brewed teas to choose from. I passed on the sherry and I only had a half a scone. I did enjoy the salmon roll-ups, the goat cheese puff pastry and the tiny (and they were tiny) chocolate pastries.

Gluten free delights

D’s plate of gluten free delights.

What wasn’t eaten was ceremoniously packed in containers and placed in beautiful Windsor Arms  gift bags. Would I do it again? Definitely, but maybe after I’ve lost another 20 pounds. Thank you, D for the wonderful gift.

gift bag

Aren’t these the most elegant ‘doggy bags’ you’ve ever seen?

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