Just One of Those Days

….no energy and children who don’t listen

We had our Terry Fox Run today. All the children were assembled in the gym and our principal read a short story about Terry Fox (first year she didn’t cry). We went outside and raised the special flag and then 400 children, all their teachers and some of the parents started walking/running around the school.P1030283P1030286 P1030288 P1030290

The walk/run lasted for about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature had risen considerably since the morning. I was overdressed and walked most of the way. The children returned to class just before lunch. and we (the teachers) had our monthly staff meeting.

After lunch I taught my first art class of the the day. It was a grade 3. I explained the lesson in detail and sent the boys and girls off to create. When they returned to show me their rough copies I wanted to bang my head on the table. Many of them completely ignored the guidelines. My day ended with 29 kindergarten children. They were tired and I was tired.

I was glad when the day was over. My friend L suggested that we go to the nail spa  and have our toes done. Just what the doctor ordered. A pedicure is such a treat. Is there anything better than purple toes?


Running for Terry

…. and Kevin, Marcia, Kathy and anyone else who has or is suffering with cancer

Terry Fox was and is a Canadian hero. I say was because he passed away over 30 years ago just before his 23rd birthday. Diagnosed with a rare bone cancer at the age of 18 and after losing his right leg above the knee, Terry was determined to do something to help raise money to fight cancer and eventually find a cure.

In 1980, after secretly training on his artificial leg, Terry started his Marathon of Hope on the east coast of Canada and was determined to run all the way to the west coast. Everyday Terry ran 42 kilometres and along the way he collected money from the Canadian people for cancer research. His goal was to raise one dollar for every Canadian.

Unfortunately, just outside Thunder Bay, Ontario, Terry had to give up his journey because his cancer had spread to his lungs. Inspired by Terry’s dream, Canadians continued to raise money while Terry endured more treatments. Just before his death, Terry realized his dream when over 24 million dollars was raised.

Every year since, Terry Fox Runs across the country and in over 50 countries around the world have raised over 600 million dollars for cancer research. For the last 11 years at our school the children, staff and the community have raised over $22,000.

Thursday of this week we had our annual Terry Fox Run. After a short assembly and raising the Terry Fox flag, over 300 students, staff and parents ran around our cross country course. It was a beautiful day and full of emotion. Everyone wore large stickers this year with the names of loved ones they were running for.

Raising the Terry Fox flag before the run.

The whole school running around the yard and adjoining park.

Even our school trustee came out to join in.

My friend and colleague, G, who has organized this run at our school since 2001.

Running for her aunt.

A picture of me in my running gear. A picture I couldn’t even imagine 8 months ago.

Running for 3 people near and dear to me.

I Got My 25 Year Pin Today

…..after 31 years of service

The day started out well. I ran 2.1 k with the kids this morning. My friend P, timed me today. It took me 19:29 minutes to run that distance. I know that it’s not fast but I didn’t stop to walk and I passed 3 students who started with me.

At lunch in the staffroom my principal called on me and one other teacher to stand before the staff where she presented us with our 25 year pins of service for the TDSB. The irony is that I’ve actually worked 31 years for this board. The days of honouring teachers with 25 years of service at a special dinner and a gold watch haven’t existed for a long time. In fact getting the dates right doesn’t seem to matter anymore either. Another teacher on staff who’s been with the board for 27 years hasn’t received her pin either.

In art today my first class finished up their colour wheels. The grade 3s created a their wheels using an outline of their hand and painting the 6 primary and secondary colours around their fingers. Then we had a quick lesson on ‘lines’ and the kids filled in the hand shape with a line design. I think they turned out remarkably well.
















After school I had a great yoga session. My yoga partner told me that she thought I was wasting away (in a good way) and she couldn’t believe it when I told her that I’ve only lost one extra pound since starting back to school. Maybe the scale in the morning will show otherwise.

Tomorrow the school is having their Terry Fox run and I’m planning to actually run the course this year. I can’t believe how excited I am about running. I used to hate it.

Life is good. I look forward to each new day.