My Year in Art – Part 3

….this is the last instalment for Daily Post Countdown to the Year 2014

September – back to school so lots of children’s art, especially Kindergarten art and a trip to the AGO to see the Alex Colville show

October – leaf art, colour bugs, friendly monsters, art at the farmers’ market and artistic pumpkins

November and December – more monsters, poppies, kindergarten art -‘drawing my body’ and Picasso portraits and another on-line course called ‘Table Top Drawing and Painting’

Looking forward to more art in 2015!

My Year of Art in Photos – Part 1

….this week’s Word Press writing challenge is to create a photo essay on any subject that I feel passionate about

I love art. I create art, I teach art to children and I go to art galleries. Here’s my year in art.

January – Children’s art and assignments from Faces 101 (on-line class with Carla Sonheim)

February – my pottery, collaged faces, children’s collage fantasy art, trip to the AGO

March – Student abstracts. weaving, portraits and my abstracts, owls and indigo tie dye creations

Stay tuned for parts 2, 3, and 4