Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Coronation

….thanks to Sue W and GC for hosting Weekly Promptshttps://weeklyprompts.com/2023/05/10/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-the-coronation/

Did I watch the Coronation last Saturday? I did not. Had I been home I might have tuned in but it happened to fall on the same day as my art opening. I do like the pomp and circumstance, the colours and formal attire but I’m not sure that the monarchy has a place in society anymore. I appreciate the history of the monarchy and even paid Buckingham Palace a visit the first time we travelled to London in 2018. Then again I have visited many castles and palaces in countries where monarchies no longer exist.

The Queen was and now King Charles is the head of state in Canada. It is purely a symbolic title and holds no power. I’m not sure that King Charles will be as popular a monarch as his mother was. Once the shine of his coronation dims, I’m sure the debates about the legitimacy of the monarchy will continue. It would be nice if King Charles could continue his work with global warming and the impact on the environment but I fear that this has become too political and his hands will be tied. Maybe this might have been as area where his monarchy could have make a difference in the world.

For now let the monarchists and supporters of the Royal Family have their day. Who knows, this may be the last Coronation they ever experience.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Coronation

  1. Oh, I hope you’re wrong. My country would be a far poorer place without the monarchy.
    The income for the country far outweighs the cost. And the loss of of a thousand years of tradition would be dire.
    Thank you very much for joining in with our challenge

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