Following My Instincts

As I prepare for my solo art show I get so obsessed with the number of pieces that I don’t always think about the impact of the finished piece. This happened last night or should I say over several days where I’ve been stewing over one piece that just didn’t sit right with me.

Just because I signed it doesn’t mean that I can’t make changes. I was unhappy with the bottom third of this painting and with the hair around the face. Last night I dove in and completely changed the bottom and almost completely eliminated the hair. I like it so much better.

24-DE63-B5-811-C-4678-B5-AD-1-D76-F36-A9422-1-201-a D4-EFCAB1-F94-F-4-C86-B329-0-FCCA3012331-1-201-a 1-C6-BF393-0928-4-BC8-A032-256-E72-AFB611

The large painting on the bottom of the above grouping is just the beginning. It is the largest piece that I have ever attempted (15″ x 30″) and it will go through several transformations before I’m done with it. Stay tuned.

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