Travelling Day – April 30, 2022

….waiting for our Uber driver

I can’t believe that our 24 day vacation has come to an end. I think the worst part of a trip is the packing. Packing for the trip and then packing again to come home.

Many people end up with more bags coming home but some how we have one bag less. I was cursing my carry on bag when we moved from Tours to Paris to London. Even with the new clothes and gifts for family and friends I managed to reorganize my packing and get everything into two bags instead of three. I’ve left my carry on bag with our son here in London.

It’s impossible to say which parts of the trip were my favourites but spending these last three and a half weeks with family has been priceless.

Now that we have one trip under our belts we are ready for more adventures. New Brunswick here we come …….not too soon……I have a marathon of painting to do before my show in July.


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