Abandoned Sneakers in the Snow – Odd?

thanks to Becky B for hosting Square Odds – https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/02/16/the-square-odds-16/

It’s one thing to find abandoned shoes in the good weather but when you see two pair of relatively new running shoes nestled in the snow it makes you wonder what the owners were thinking. It turns out that these were next to an outdoor skating rink but I still found it odd that the shoes were left outside when there is an indoor facility next to the rink where you can change and store boots and shoes.

Soon after I took this photo the owners came by and quickly retrieved their sneakers. I’m sure they thought it was odd that I was taking a photo of their shoes.


18 thoughts on “Abandoned Sneakers in the Snow – Odd?

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  2. It’s strange to see sneakers in the snow or abandoned anywhere. Strangely enough, I seem to see more abandoned sneakers than shirts or any other pair of clothing. Makes you wonder what the story behind it is, especially when they’re in mostly great shape

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    • In this case Travis, the owners were skating on the rink, close by but they were taking a bit of a risk putting them out in the open like that, especially when they were so new.


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