Who Does This? Square Odds for February 15, 2022

….a discovery I made on my walk yesterday

It was cold and icy but I decided to walk along the path in front of the lake. With the fluctuating temperatures we’ve been having the cleared paths had filled in with melting snow, which froze and then melted again and then froze again so the nature paths were no longer clear. Instead they were like skating rinks and today and they were dusted with a fine layer of freshly fallen snow. It made for a somewhat treacherous walk.

I carefully walked along the path trying to avoid any icy patches but it was near impossible. There was a set of footprints in the snow that I tried to follow but the owner of these prints didn’t have much luck missing the ice either. About 100 metres into the walk along the lake I came upon a very odd sight. There in front of me was a tripod set up in the snow. No camera and no owner anywhere to be seen. Who does that? Set up a tripod and then walk away.


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