Tree Square – July 9, 2021

thanks to Becky B for hosting Tree Squares for the month of July,

Many parts of Ontario are infested with Gypsy Moth caterpillars this year. High Park was over-run with them two weeks ago and last week the trees around our cottage were covered with them. Unfortunately they chew through the leaves and can completely defoliate a tree.

The photo on the bottom was taken at High Park earlier this week. Normally this time of year the canopy is so dense that you wouldn’t be able to see the pond from that vantage point.


7 thoughts on “Tree Square – July 9, 2021

  1. We have had many infestations over the years in CT. I recall when I was a kid there were so many you could hear them squishing under the bike tires because there were just so many. The trees got eaten, it was a nightmare!

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    • At the cottage I grabbed onto the tree trunk to get up on to our deck and my hand was covered in brown slime. It was gross. If they’re still there next week when I go back up I’m going to try wrapping the trunks with Duct tape. That’s suppose to help by keeping them from climbing up the tree to the leaves.


  2. oh no not so good. Portugal has issues with another moth that does very similar things, plus the caterpillar hairs are poisonous to animals which just makes it all even worse. Nature has a way of causing us challenges!!

    A fascinating #TreeSquare

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