Macro Monday and Texture Tuesday

….macro shots usually have great textures so I decided to combine the two challenges this week

4414-AB47-4-F1-D-4-FD5-A751-43-A43-B3-C2185 DD5870-B4-978-B-4-C75-928-A-8-D675176-D67-D 87-A75-A0-F-6-F85-43-FC-A82-B-480-CADED3-ED3 474615-E0-0-D58-4-E0-B-9-DA7-5-DDB2-A6-AE630 74-DB67-C3-B9-E6-44-CE-9-A60-4-A4993-BD09-BC 3-F7-D23-B1-9-CAE-411-D-BABB-C50-F7229476-A 83-AFE68-C-F3-E3-4509-8-FC8-973-F7-CA2-B1-D1 AE221988-DF29-45-BF-8-F6-C-CFBE803-FE081

2 thoughts on “Macro Monday and Texture Tuesday

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