Street Art in the Alley

thanks to Sami from Colourful World for hosting Monday Murals

Sometimes the best murals are the graffiti art found in the alleyways of your neighbourhood.

04129-AFA-0714-452-F-89-A1-BFD7-D8-D6-D6-D1 4836-A9-FC-E8-F3-4-F1-F-97-AC-518-AD377006-F F2121-A44-7-A94-4-AEE-B38-F-520231526-D03 AD04-DFC7-A862-4672-9-DB1-087-BC0089837

12 thoughts on “Street Art in the Alley

    • They certainly were. What I find interesting is that outside murals and graffiti don’t get tagged like store windows, doors and blank walls do. There must be some kind of code.


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