Still Making Art

….but not posting every day

Sometimes it takes me three days to finish a piece like this which I started with Winnie last week. After I filled in the spaces with watercolour I add to add some marks, so for the next three evenings I sat in front of the TV and added the tangles with black and white ink.

32-DC6-A91-2-EDD-413-F-97-DF-60-A8-D21-EA8-AE 1-A00-DF2-F-BE3-B-4-F0-C-8165-E82-E82-F0-AFFA 8-F4-AD2-E0-1-A61-4-D5-E-A9-F7-5577-CFB0-DF15 D9-E0-E4-BA-C45-C-46-CF-B069-29-A15-B8-BC87-B

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