Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge – Sept. 18, 2020

….thanks to Kammie for hosting the Odd Ball Challenge https://nuthousecentral.wordpress.com/2020/09/17/kammies-oddball-challenge-9-17-20/

69-E5415-A-075-F-477-B-9-FDD-EBA306698-D27 CEA5184-B-76-D1-443-A-8427-6632-F1620468 75-D48-F84-63-D3-469-E-89-BE-6-FED1129-F6-AE FA4203-E9-B4-B0-4424-A83-B-81-DCB1-A1-C1-EC 7-E9-B7-EC2-4-E8-B-413-D-96-A9-395300-A5-F04-C

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