Macro Monday – August 24, 2020

….away for a few days without internet….trying to catch up now that I’m back home

More images from the cottage.

13690944-F758-4-CA6-B875-33-D319-EEA95-D 7-FEF2188-0-F91-4-A88-BE3-B-9918-BC9003-FC D562711-B-3853-427-A-8-F02-4724922-BAAF9 915-C124-A-96-E7-4-CC7-B5-EC-9-D496-A4687-D5 608479-DD-DA11-4-ABB-BD17-EED5-BAD08-D65 302801-EA-59-DA-4-B21-98-D6-6467-E71987-CA

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