Among the Rocks

…Col. Sam Smith Park is mostly made from landfill

This beautiful naturalized park in Toronto (south Etobicoke) is a gem in the neighbourhood. I remember years ago  in the 1980s when dump trucks were lined up to unload their bins of landfill into Lake Ontario to expand the park.  As a result  an artificial harbour (now home to the Lakeshore Yacht Club) was created. It is skirted by grasslands punctuated by trees and set within the rocky shoreline. The lake-fill area also contains a wetlands habitat with wildlife-viewing platforms, while elsewhere among the tree-lined paths and lawns are playgrounds, pavilions, and a sport field.

This is one of the parks the Trish and I go to pick up litter. When you walk along the pathways you’d think the park is pretty clean but when you walk along the rocks you can see where people have partied and where the waves have deposited waste (mostly plastic) from the belly of the lake.

Here are some shots from the surface of the rocks and then what we’ve found between them.8-E46347-D-C37-B-43-DB-9-FC2-B900-C26-E2724-1-201-a


14 thoughts on “Among the Rocks

  1. So great you continue this mission. Everything about this is good. Good cause, good exercise, good friend, good, company, good example, good vision, good photos too. I love the one peaking through the trees.

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    • Thanks Donna. I love your blog and need to get back to checking it out more often. I’m following you on my Reader but I must confess that I hardly ever go there. I wish you had the option to have your posts go directly to my email.

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      • Thank you so much. Your comment grabbed my heart. I actually haven’t been around which is why you probably hadn’t seen me much in your reader. Neck surgery kept me down for a bit. It was horrible, but the right think to do and the road of recovery is always forward, right? I am touched people really remember me. Thank you for that. YOUR blog has really grown since last year. Liked it before, love it more now.

        I thought email was an option on my page. I am not too savvy with all this still. Hopefully you will continue to pop in if you see me in the reader. Have a good rest of your week. Donna
        I will continue to look for you too.

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