Day 26 – Books Waiting to be Read

thanks to Leanne Cole for hosting the 30 Day at Home Challenge

I thought I would get a lot of reading done during this pandemic but I seem to be busy doing other things, like baking, cleaning, blogging, playing piano, making art, walking the dog, connecting on-line through WhatsApp, Zoom and House Party and watching TV. I better get busy because I have to read at least one of these books before May 8 which is when our next on-line book club meeting is.

The first set of books are some of my art reference books, which I look at periodically.594-ACBEE-FCD4-4193-B365-8-F6149-CD9-F5-C

11 thoughts on “Day 26 – Books Waiting to be Read

  1. I have always loved reading. I had some trauma in the past two years. My husband passed away in June 2018 and my son in July 2019. Since then I want to read, I really do, but I can’t get my mind in the right place to sit and read. I am hoping it will come back to me. At least I spend every day writing.

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    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine losing my husband and then soon after one of my children. It’s good that you’re able to write every day. I guess writing on this blog counts as writing. It helps to talk about the happy days and the sad even if it is with strangers. I appreciate any comments that people make on my site. Thanks Christine.

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