Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Yellow

…thanks to Amanda for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Yellow is the colour of friendship but a baby’s room painted yellow makes them cry. I love the psychology of colour.FDF78783-39-D3-4-C7-D-840-D-940358864-E1-B

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Yellow

  1. Yellow is a great colour on little kids and I didn’t know about the walls. I suppose yellow walls could be a bit intensive? Yellow in nature is muted by the green leaves. It stands out as a happy colour. I like your contributions this week. Mama. Very appropriate. That door is excellent.

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      • Oh, colour theory. Many folks think it is nothing, but it is actually quite involved, especially if you are not naturally gifted with colour harmony. My son is, not that he can use it where he works. I have to learn it a little more. Why one hue I have chosen, doesn’t work etc. I admire anything that can get their head around it all.

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      • Back in the 90s I became a colour specialist to determine which colours best suited people and helped them make wardrobe selections based on their ‘season’ colour palette. I’m a spring so I look best in warm and bright colours.

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      • I never really felt that colour thing expressed me well. I think I was an Autumn, but maybe now a winter as my hair colour has changed. Nordic blues, white, greys and black suit me best I think. Would that be winter? And does one’s hair colour really determine your season?

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      • It sounds like you’re a summer, which are cool muted colours. Everyone can wear black if they wear enough make-up but unless you’re a winter black is not your best colour. I have mistakenly analyzed someone as an autumn when they were actually a summer and visa versa. Your natural hair colour can determine your colouring but if you dye it and use the wrong colour it can throw things off. I remember my mother who was an autumn would put a cool blonde in her hair and it looked great with cool coloured clothing but it did nothing for her complexion. It is so important when you have this done that there’s good natural lighting in the room. I was originally diagnosed as an autumn and it turned out I’m a spring. My father used to critisize me terribly if I wore autumn colours and he was right. Basically it is the undertones of your skin that determine your colouring. Everyone has a grey and white that they can wear but summers wear blues best. Having said that If it’s a bright blue it looks fantastic on me.


      • Thanks for this comprehensive answer. The information is excellent. I might indeed be a summer, as I tend towards cool blues. If I wear a green such as a lime green, I can look terribly sallow, as I have some olive undertones in my skin but am quite pale. So I know what you mean anout the right fit for your skin.
        Having said that when I wear black, I often get comments of “wow – black really suits you,” and I am sure it’s my blonde hair that makes people say that. It sure is a fascinating topic. I’m going to look up more on this. Do you have a link that I could refer to, that is better than others, Mama?

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