Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Art Unexpected

…thanks to Sandy for hosting this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Some of the best art is the piece that you come across unexpectedly. On my walk last week someone or multiple people had left these painted stones on a rock for all to enjoy.C4-CD0-EBD-D5-C0-4-F19-AB52-7-BF083346-BFC

I also find that when you walk into a setting and new art has been put up that you weren’t expecting it can affect you in one of several ways. This new art display at Montgomery’s Inn gave me instant joy because of its whimsical quality. It clearly affected a lot of people in a similar way because most people pulled out their camera phones and started taking photos of these large ink drawings.25-F5-CEE5-C04-F-4920-A055-54-EEDED3376-F

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Art Unexpected

  1. Cute rocks! What a nice surprise during your walk. The ink drawings remind me of a style of pictures that were very popular when I was young(er). Very nostalgic..
    Thanks for joining this week’s challenge!

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    • Thanks for hosting this week Sandy. I’ve heard of people painting rocks and then leaving them for people to find but I’ve never come across any until last week. What surprised me most was that they were all grouped together. I love the style of the ink drawings and am tempted to try the technique myself.


  2. I love finding painted pebbles. I found a yellow submarine one in a wild place on a walk and left it for the next person to find, but I half wish I’d taken it, when I look back. I felt like the artist would have wanted it on view.

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