Problems Again

….not sure if I’ve been hacked

Almost a year ago I experienced some issues with my WordPress account because I couldn’t like any posts or leave comments on anybody else’s blog. It turned out to be a Safari problem and thanks to some of my readers I was able to correct the problem.

The same thing is happening again but this time going into Safari looking for the same setting is not the issue. I’ve contacted WordPress and they’ve informed me that the problem rests with my ‘over’ usage of my blog. Here is exactly what they said.

…..please note that your account has been flagged for an excessive amount of social activity which made your account appear more like a spam-bot than a human being.

Please keep in mind that our like features are designed to help you keep up with your favorite blogs, give easy feedback to their authors, and nurture direct conversations. They are not to be used as a means of promoting your site through mass notifications.

Does this sound like me? Many of you have probably wondered where I’ve been because I haven’t been able to keep up with all my emails in the last two months. To keep from getting too far behind again I’ve tried to read emails as they come in and many of those I do ‘like’. I’m probably reading 50 emails a day on average. Is that considered over use?

When I questioned them on what is considered excessive this is the answer I received:

To clarify, I’m specifically referring to the amount of times you’ve been using the Like feature. When you like content on, the owners of that content receive notifications each time. This is intended to inform content owners about who is interacting with their content and is not intended as a system to attract mass attention to your content.

After blogging for seven years I think I know how to use the Like feature. I only have 2000 followers, many of whom I assume are dormant. I don’t have time to look for new blogs. Anyway after 24 hours the Like feature will supposedly be enabled again.

I apologize to those who haven’t heard from me in awhile. I have tried to remedy that but WordPress has made that impossible. Hopefully all will be sorted soon. Has anyone else had a similar problem? I’d like to know and any advice that you can give me would be most appreciated.


22 thoughts on “Problems Again

  1. I think we have all had similar problems, Carol. I have never found much help for any issue from the ‘Happiness Engineers’. If you click the like star underneath the picture in your reader alerts you will see that your name is added to a list.

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  2. I think the WP ‘Happiness’ Engineers are full of it. I too have been having issues and I’ve been mostly MIA since September, reading only a small handful of posts a day. This sounds like the same kind of bull I got from FB when they blocked my blog for ‘abusive content’.

    I’m starting to translate their responses into ‘we don’t have a clue’.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ve been having problems with Word Press for months. The reasons they gave you just sound like an excuse to me. Lots of people are experiencing issues, but they can’t seem to fix it. It’s so frustrating! I hope it all gets worked out soon.

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  4. Interesting, they exalt the number of followers you have and many of them are “chronic followers” to get you to follow them. Yet are suspicious of to many likes and excessive content. I wouldn’t upgrade and pay more money, personally I’d just delete older post. WordPress doesn’t need more money they need to improve their services.

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    • Thanks Mike. I never thought about deleting older posts. I’m not sure how many I would have to do in order to post photos again or if that would even work. I have to decide soon because not being able to post photos is driving me mad.

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      • Now that I think about it M when WordPress duplicated one of my images 100 times it was in my media library so that’s what I deleted and it worked. You may just want to upgrade I guess but I think that plan is costly because it’s designed for business.


  5. That doesn’t sound right to me, Carol. A blogging friend told me recently that she was unable to “like” my posts any more, although she could still comment. Then just yesterday, I found I had the same problem when trying to “like” her posts! And I’ve been very inactive on WordPress this year, so am definitely not over-liking. Hopefully it’s just a glitch that will be fixed. I use Chrome all the time, never Safari, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with that. Merry Christmas – and I hope you sort it out!

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    • When I switch over to Chrome I’m able to like and comment on posts that don’t work on Safari. The strange part is that on Safari I can still like and comment on some of the blogs that I follow but many don’t work. Right now I’m switching back and forth. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m happy to see that you’re still following me. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and all the best in 2020.


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