Moon Papers

…the beginning of Lesson Two for 2019: The Year of the Collage

Carla Sonheim has named these papers, ‘moon papers’ because the results looks like the surface of the moon.

The process involves using a Gelli plate with a layer of fluid acrylic. After the paint has been applied evenly you lay down a sheet of transparency film and press it into the paint using your fingertips. The goal is to try and make craters and interesting patterns on the film. I experimented with different paints and different papers. One of the papers I really liked using was the vellum paper.

Using the film allows for interesting colours to emerge when you overlap two different colours. You can see from the first photo how the colours change and peek through when  overlapped. The next step is to take these papers and cut them up into organic shapes and create new collages. The hard part is going to decide which ones to cut up and what kind of shapes to make.


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