What Constitutes a Failure?

….is producing 177 pieces of art in one year a failure?

Last year I had decided to produce one piece of art a day or at least work on an art piece every day for 365 days. I created my own personal challenge of 365 Days of Art. In the middle of November I stopped drawing and painting. Was I discouraged by the fact that I was very much behind my goal or was it something else?

I think that being so far behind was part of it but life just seemed to get in the way, especially in November and December. There were things that I hadn’t planned on like getting ill, my father going into the hospital, the plumbing breaking down and my sister coming for a visit. Then there were the things that just happen, like Christmas parties, concerts and trying to get ready for Christmas.

I recognize that all of these things are just excuses because I see  people out there who manage to create a piece of art every day but I’ve decided that I should rejoice in the 177 pieces that I did create. Here are some of my favourites from 2018:IMG_1412.jpegIMG_0784.jpegIMG_0755.jpegIMG_0627.jpegIMG_0532.jpegIMG_0468 2.jpegIMG_9631.jpegIMG_3709.jpegIMG_6539.jpegIMG_8913.jpeg

So what is my art goal for this year? I will definitely continue making art but the question is how much and should I even put a number on it. What do you think I should do? I have some ideas that I will share later today.


31 thoughts on “What Constitutes a Failure?

  1. Oh my goodness – no! By any definition your accomplishment is exactly that – an accomplishment.
    I appreciate that success is a relative term, but I think the only failure would be not enjoying it.

    I like the first one with the arty flowers, and the collage with the musical notes. Collage still baffles me from a design perspective but it’s on my list of things to try.

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    • Well I definitely enjoyed making all those pieces of art. The course I’m starting tomorrow is a year long on-line program dealing entirely with collage. I love it. Thanks for your support and words of wisdom.


      • That sounds really interesting!! Hope you have fun with it 🙂

        I don’t know if I’m well-suited for an online course. I’m really enjoying being in a classroom again with an instructor and other people. I’ve always loved the dynamic of an actual classroom.

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      • I guess I like being able to work when it suits me but sometimes it has the reverse effect and I don’t always do what is assigned. I like the actual classroom for the interaction with other people but sometimes people are so engaged in their work or so protective of their work that there isn’t much interaction. Looking forward to lesson one which starts today.

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  2. 177 Pieces of art in a year is a great achievement Carol and you should be pleased with that. Ok, you may not have achieved your original goal of 365 pieces but you have achieved a lot more than if you had not set yourself a goal at all…

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  3. You actually have made a LOT of art in a relatively short time. BRAVO.

    I (and suspect thousands of others) do the same thing about “abandoning my resolve” to create art (or knit, or sew, or bead, or ____ -fill in the blank). It’s my life long pattern. I am now working on giving myself permission to stop and start, go on to new interests, be interrupted by life’s issues etc and stop feeling like there is something wrong with me. My interests are all over the map and I consider that a product of my curious and creative side. Once I’ve TRIED something I move on to something new . . . process, (not product) is what is fun for me and in my “old age” I’m trying to embrace that.

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    • Thanks Judith. I think in many ways we are similar. I too want to try new things and the process is most important. I have so many projects on the go and a few new things are on my list. I’m knitting, crocheting, learning how to play bridge, blogging, baking, taking photos and making art. I’ve just signed up for another year long course with Carla Sonheim.

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      • I’ve stopped on-line course (for now) as I’ve been taking the Emeritus classes from the Junior College. $5 a course and the teachers are excellent. I find that the only way I complete anything is if I have a “container” (like a class) and/or deadline where I am accountable (like making something as a present for someone). The only on-line course I followed and completed was Carla’s “Silly” and her “Year of the Fairy Tale”. After that I’ve signed up for several and other things just get in the way – like you said – and I end up watching the videos and not doing the projects.

        If you ever move to Southern California (it’s warmer here than where you are!) we must get together!

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      • I don’t know about moving there but I’d certainly love meeting you. My nephew has moved to Silicon Valley where he has a job as a computer engineer. If I ever get out your way I’ll certainly let you know. I should check out classes here. I’m sure they exist. I also work best under a deadline. I toyed with the idea of taking an art class at the university and working towards another degree but I’m so busy now I’m not sure where I’d find the time. I guess you make the time when it’s important enough.


  4. You know I love your artwork and what you’ve done this year is truly an accomplishment! I think its more about setting a goal (not necessarily a number) that’s important.

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    • I agree. I totally believe in setting goals. One of my goals this year is taking part two of Beginner’s Bridge. I had my first class today. Thanks for your help with my bridge skills and your kind words about my art. You’re quite the artist yourself.


  5. Well, I don’t think numbers should be crucial. If they help as they give you a push, use them, but make sure you don’t get blinded by them. All in its sweet time. I like the most the first one, the pig and the one with the notes and deer.

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