Thursday Doors – March 29, 2018

…..I love red doors

Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors. I haven’t participated in awhile. It seems like I haven’t been anywhere exciting or interesting enough to take photos of doors lately. Walking home from the library the other day I started to notice some beautiful red doors in the neighbourhood  and I had recently taken a photo of a red door in my daughter’s neck of the woods.

With that in mind I decided to focus on the colour of doors and with that in mind I could have a different theme each week for quite some time. So that said here are my first photos of RED doors.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – March 29, 2018

  1. What a great theme! – and a great selection of red doors. My favourite is #159. The flanking trees with the silver balls is so pretty. I’m assuming this was taken around Christmas.

    hmmm – I will have to file away this idea 🙂

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  2. Very sorry for the lengthy delay. Red is always a good choice for a door and you sure found some nice ones. #93 has some very nice elements to it and I’m also fond of the one just before it as well 🙂

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