Two More Days!

…..the count down continues

One more day with the kids and then a PA day for cleaning up. The irony is that it seems like all I’ve been doing for two weeks is cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning; however, as soon as I start a new art project or pull books for discarding I seem to be right back where I started from.

Joanne suggested that I take photos of the every day things that I see all the time as a visual record of my life as a teacher. Here are a few shots taken after I’d cleaned the library. Unfortunately it doesn’t look that way at the moment. Outside the library a gallery of art that my students have done is on display and further down the hall is Ms. B’s class, Ms. C’s class and the office.

8 thoughts on “Two More Days!

  1. You’ll now have joined the ranks of the semi-retired. I say semi-retired as you will be inordinately busy doing everything you didn’t have time for previously plus lots of new challenges you probably never thought of before. And the opportunity to do what you want when you want to do it, plus travel at the best times – out of the high season when places are busy and enjoying spring, autumn and winter breaks. You can spend whole days painting or beach combing, redecorating or sitting with a riveting book. What’s not to enjoy!

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    • All my retired teacher friends tell the same thing. I’m most looking forward to travelling whenever I want and I don’t have to travel during peak periods. Right now I’m just taking one day at a time and working on reorganizing my house and getting ready to go to the cottage.


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