Share Your World 2016 – Week 33

….I haven’t participated for awhile

If you’d like to share your world check out Cee’s blog.

Would you travel into outer space?

Probably not. There are too many places on this Earth that I want to see first.

Which country/city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?

I’d like to go to Great Britain. One of the main reasons would be because our son and his new wife live in London, England.

What could you do to breathe more deeply today?

I could go for a long walk and I probably will. I have to return a library book anyway and it’s a beautiful day for walking through the neighbourhood. It also gives me a chance to get a closer look at what’s been going on. I noticed yesterday when I was in the car that there are a couple of houses one street over that are undergoing some major additions.
Complete this sentence: This creamy peanut butter sandwich could really use some …

…..sliced bananas

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for a wonderful four days with my oldest daughter at the cottage. This was her first visit this season and she’s planning on another visit next week with her wife. I loved having her up there with me. She just purchased a paddle board and brought it up with her. Luckily it’s an inflatable one so transporting it to the island was easy. Now that it’s inflated it’s staying at the cottage for awhile. I was surprised how solid it is. It doesn’t feel inflated at all.

I’m also grateful for some good weather while we were up there. We drove up in a torrential rainfall but it cleared up before we got to the island so the barge was running and we were able to get the car across. It was cool the first day which was a bit of relief from the heat wave we’ve been experiencing but it was windy and the waves made paddle boarding for the first time challenging. The next day the lake was perfectly calm and it had warmed up again.

While we were at the cottage my neighbour’s brother and his three teenage children were up for a visit. I’ve known this family for over 20 years and it was nice to spend time with them. On Sunday we prepared a meal together and had a great conversation about American politics (they live in the states).

We had planned to leave on Tuesday, which was also my wedding anniversary, but the weather had turned and it poured rain non-stop and the winds were snapping branches from the trees. We were grateful that no tree came down on the cottage. Unfortunately the barge wasn’t running because the waves were too high. We ended up staying one more night.

The next day was beautiful and even though I had to get my daughter back to the city so that she could get to work it was difficult to leave on such a nice day.

I’m also grateful for being able to get together with my other daughter and our granddaughter this week. We drove to Hamilton yesterday and went for a nice long walk to the waterfront. We stayed and had dinner with everyone, including my son-in-law and his mother.

This weekend I’m looking forward to going back up to the cottage for a few more days. Maybe I’ll get some painting done and start on a new book. I’m also looking forward to getting together with some friends when I return next week.


7 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 – Week 33

    • The weather in August is very unpredictable. Cooler nights and so far this summer more rain than we had in July. The wind has also been very strong and creates quite the waves. When all is said and done it is a great place to be and the change in weather has actually been a welcome change from the heat wave we’ve experienced.


      • I was up north a few weekends ago and I agree – the considerably cooler temperatures were a huge relief from our sweat-fest!
        The warm days followed by cool nights are my favourite 🙂


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