Traffic Jam in Venice

…there are no cars in Venice

You can get to Venice by bus, train, boat and car but the only transportation in Venice proper is by water. So how can Venice have a traffic jam you ask? It’s all on the water, in the canals and around the perimeter of the island.

The photo of the gondolas is courtesy of my brother-in-law.

10 thoughts on “Traffic Jam in Venice

  1. I’m surprised these enormous cruise ships are allowed into Venice as I’d have thought their wash might have contributed to erosion. I’m sure, a few years ago, there was much discussion about the wash from the smaller cabin cruisers used. The traditional gondolas are much more environmental friendly for such a fragile city but I understand they are very expensive.

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    • The cruise ships are outside the island but we passed them in the vaporetto we were on. They move very slowly as they are towed by a tug boat so there is very little wash. We never did go on a gondola because they are very expensive.


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