I Don’t Know How I Managed!

….getting ready for an overseas trip following the last week of school was insane

As I’ve mentioned many times before teaching in June is insanely busy. The week before leaving for Italy I had the following to do:

• attend a birthday party for a very special friend

I’ve know AB for 40 years. In fact she was my first teaching friend and colleague and she quickly became a member of our family. She was there when all my children were born, she spends every Christmas with us and most birthdays. She attended the weddings of our daughters and held Winnie soon after she was born. We’ve been there for each other, through thick and thin, in good times and bad. Last year she made a big move and the family rallied behind her to help in any way possible. I was thrilled when all my family came out for her birthday, especially since we were all preparing for Italy.

• MC the farewell celebration for the grade 5 students on Monday

• clean the library and attend the staff party on Tuesday

• on Wednesday run the final assembly of the year, with the help of two friends, for the entire school.

• on Thursday attend the last staff meeting of the year and then clean up the library office before the end of the school day

Trying to clean and organize my office was probably the most stressful day of all. Knowing that I only had a few hours to get it done and having to say good-bye to two colleagues who were retiring left me very emotional. At one point I actually had a melt down when friends wished me a great trip and gave me Euros to treat myself in Italy. I think it was all too much. I had put such high expectations on the trip and my husband wasn’t 100% well. I really worried that things would go wrong and that the trip could be one big disaster (luckily it wasn’t).

• Friday became packing day and transporting the birds to my niece’s place

Friday, July 1st was the first day of my holiday and it was Canada Day. That meant that next to nothing was open because it was a national holiday. If anything went wrong today there wasn’t much I could do about it. Well of course something did go wrong. The shoes that I had planned to take to Italy broke and were unwearable. I couldn’t get them fixed in time and I had no other sandals to replace them.

We also got a phone call from a very close friend who was suppose to be on his way to Norway for a very special presentation that he was doing. Well it turned out that when he got to the airport his passport, although not expired, was going to expire in a couple of months and the airlines wouldn’t let him fly. Would we verify to officials that he was who he claimed to be so that he could have a new passport issued to him? Well of course we said yes but we weren’t sure how he would manage that seeing that all government offices were closed.

• Saturday we packed the car and drove to Hamilton to drop off the dog and pick up our daughter and granddaughter and then drove to the airport

I decided to quickly drive to the mall as soon as they open and pick up a new pair of sandals. I was successful and in fact I ended up buying two pairs of shoes that I packed for the trip.

Our friend called and had made arrangements to meet with someone from Immigration Canada and we had to be on call to answer any questions that they might have about him. I quickly asked about his height and weight and the colour of his eyes. Even though we’ve known him for over 25 years we weren’t sure about his eye colour. His hair is dark so we assumed they were probably brown but we were wrong. His eyes are blue.

By the time we left for Hamilton we still hadn’t heard from the immigration people and of course they tried to call us while we were driving. Luckily they tried several times and we did eventually connect and were able to answer all their questions to their satisfaction.

Later that day we all made our flights and our journey to Italy began. Maybe next time I plan a trip to Europe I’ll give myself a week at home before I leave. Stay tuned for our adventures in Venice. Ciao!



14 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How I Managed!

  1. I so identify with this😳 when I was teaching we often left for trips on the day school broke up! It was a matter of out of the classroom into the car. I had to be organised by the night before and I would dash home as soon as I could get away or Hubby would collect me when I rang. So good to be retired now – we are off to Italy next week😀 Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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      • I need the calories as I am recovering from diverticulitis and haven’t eaten solid food for a week😊 I have good leather sandals and cheap but comfortable Tomy takkies (sneakers) I just hope my appetite returns soon!


      • When I mentioned that my husband wasn’t (still isn’t) 100% well I was referring to a gastrointestinal issue he’s going through. Fortunately he was able to enjoy some meals and some days he just fasted, especially when we were travelling. Hope you’re better.


      • I am much better thank you. Been in Italy 4 days and have managed a bit of pasta and pizza but yesterday avoided ‘pane’ pasta and pizza and ate cheese and salami for lunch and squid for dinner – all the food is so delicious

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  2. Yes, I reckon I need a week to prepare for a holiday, though I tend to make lists of what I’m taking and shop for essential items before that. But the final week I become quite wound up, wanting to get on with packing yet putting it off so that clothes don’t become too creased by being in the case for days.

    Then there’s checking and double checking, making sure we have bank cards, health cards, passports and travel documents. The final hassle is weighing luggage to ensure we are within the 15 or 20kg limits. Sometimes we’re perilously close and I check my list to see whether I can ditch anything that would make a difference, or if I have to leave one of the books I was taking behind. By that stage I usually wonder if holidays are worth the hassle!

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