A New Art Form for Me

….acrylic still life

I’ve done still life in watercolour and pencil crayon and I’ve played with acrylics mixed with glazes. In the last two weeks I’ve been checking out Bob Burridge’s youtube channel and decided to try his technique of laying down lots of colour and then painting in the negative space to create a vase of flowers. Here’s one example of how I started. It is actually the second piece that I painted.

It’s hard to imagine that the finished piece came from the first painting but it did.

I had so many positive comments on my first piece using this technique that I decided to donate it to our school’s silent auction. Here’s what it looks like. I have since framed it.


I went on to painting a wine bottle using a slightly different technique but the application of light and dark and adding a shadow are the same.


Finally I painted a pear using a very simple circle/triangle technique to create the pear and then adding dark and light to the background and a shadow to create depth.


If you’re interested in the technique I used for the flowers check out Bob’s video.

Bob Burridge


10 thoughts on “A New Art Form for Me

    • Thanks Frizz. It’s so nice to see you back. I hope all is well with you and your wife. The header was a project I did with my students. You’ve reminded me that I need to write a post about that project.


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